Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Overdue Update :)

Hi! Remember me? Yeah, I used to write on this blog, quite a bit actually.... Lately I've been a little distracted and forget that I need to keep up with documenting everything going on in my life (that was said sarcastically). And there have been some big changes...

  • The biggest change is my house finally sold!!!! I am so lucky... houses in my area are NOT selling right now but mine sold for a fair price and I am free and clear of it. We moved about a month ago to a 3 bedroom apartment in North Salt Lake. Quite the adjustment going from a comfortable home to a small apartment. (I hate sharing walls, floors and ceilings with my neighbors - I don't want to know when they are vacuuming or flushing the toilet). But we are adjusting there and the kids are looking forward to the pool opening soon.

  • Another big change in my life is that I am dating someone... and it is going very well. I met him in December through a mutual friend. We've been dating seriously since mid-February. He's been through a lot of the same issues that I have and we just seem to connect on a level I never imagined. His name is Spencer. He has 2 kids (girl: 12 and boy: 8). He works for Disney as a graphic designer making video games. I admit it, I have fallen for him... and he for me too :) I am VERY happy.

  • Dallin also turned 9 since I last wrote. I need to get some pictures of him on here and show how much he's grown over the past 9 years... he just started baseball again this week and had his first game last night... he won!

  • My ex finally got a job about 2 weeks ago, which I am very thankful for... hopefully child support will be more consistent now... keeping my fingers crossed. And we are getting along much better... he's dating someone as well and it has taken a lot of pressure off of me.

Well, that's the big things that I can think of since I last updated my blog. I can't promise I will be as consistent as before, but I will make a better effort to keep up...

This is a picture of Spencer and I with our friends Paul and Jyl at Happy Sumo... taken about a month ago.