Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Laying Low

I'm still around... haven't written much recently, but I have just wanted to lay low and do my own thing... It's amazing to me how many people have an opinion about my divorce... or my life... or my kids... or anything else personal they feel they should talk about with me. While I don't mind sharing what has happened in my life (it's no big secret), it's really hard to hear people challenge me when nobody but me has walked in my shoes... My decisions were based on my own experiences and I would never suggest that this is the right choice for everyone... so why tell me I should have done things different. It's done. It's over. And I have no reservations that this wasn't the correct path for me to follow. Not to say that it isn't hard, it's just a new set of challenges - but ones that I am more than capable of meeting. Hmmmm..... it's just so frustrating.

The other issue I am dealing with, that I really didn't anticipate, is all the gossip that goes on when something major happens in your life. I can't even believe the things that have been said... so blown out of proportion and so many half truths. It hurts a lot that I seem to be the topic of so many conversations... and they do get back to me. I guess this is when you learn who you can trust and who your true friends really are. So sad...

Anyway, I am doing good. We are still adjusting to a new routine and things are different... but we seem to be finally settling. My house has technically sold - the sale is contingent on the buyers selling their house though, so we are leaving it on the market and if another offer comes in, we can get around the first offer if needs be. I am anxious to be out of here and making a new start with our lives.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hallie

Today is the day Hallie has anticipated for months... she is finally turning four!!! Hallie is constantly thinking about what holiday is next and her birthday has been on her agenda since about August. This morning, I said - "Happy birthday Hallie, you're four now!" She replied - "Oh, I'm so happy...thanks mom for letting me turn four today." I love this kid... she constantly makes me laugh with what she does and says. She is by far my biggest drama queen, but it is so fun to watch (ask me how fun it is when she turns 12). Hallie loves princess anything... she lives in her own little princess world. She's very girlie - loves to have her hair done, loves to have her nails painted, and LOVES to play dress up. As I am typing this, I can hear her trying to argue Audrey out of the Cinderella dress becuse she wants to wear it. So, Happy Birthday my cute little Hallie!!! I am so glad to be your mom and so thankful you make me smile every single day.