Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Progress...

We are moving ever closer to having this baby... Today's Doctor Appointment Stats:

  • 1 cm dialated

  • 50% effaced

  • Baby has turned into head-down position (not fully engaged, but at least he's finally going the right direction)

  • Belly measuring right on at 35 cm

  • Baby's heart rate at 135 bpm

  • Induction set for 4/22 at 7:30am

  • Doctor will also strip my membranes at my appointment on 4/18 to see if I start labor on my own....

It's getting close... can't wait!

the ABC's of me...

  • A. Age: 37

  • B. Bed size: King… I love being able to stretch out without kicking my husband in the shins. LOVE our bed.

  • C. Chore you dislike: Mopping the floor, scrubbing the shower… and I HATE stopping to fill my car up with gas.

  • D. Dogs: none right now, but we promised our kids a dog when we finally move.

  • E. Essential start to your day: Ice water… especially being pregnant, I am SO thirsty when I wake up.

  • F. Favorite color: turquoise

  • G. Gold or silver: silver – except for the gold college ring my dad gave me when I graduated. It’s sentimental and I wear it every day.

  • H. Height: 5’3

  • I. Instruments you play(ed): piano and violin when I was younger.

  • J. Job title: HIV Supportive Services Program Administrator

  • K. Kids: almost 7: Kesley (17), Ashley (14), Dallin (11), Max (10), Hallie (6), Audrey (4) and baby Ryder due in 3 weeks.

  • L. Live: in Farmington, UT in a townhome that is too small for us. WE NEED TO MOVE!

  • M. Mom’s name: Diana

  • N. Nicknames: Rach, Princess

  • O. Overnight hospital stays: having babies, kidney stones, hyper-stimulation from IVF.

  • P. Pet peeves: Ignorant/oblivious people

  • Q. Quote from a movie: “Shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” (wedding crashers)

  • R. Righty or lefty: right

  • S. Siblings: just one, my younger brother Jared

  • T. Time you wake up: depends… for work about 6:30ish, on days off… whenever.

  • U. Underwear: I love underwear… Victoria’s Secret gets a lot of business from me. I love their sales…..

  • V. Vegetables you don’t like: broccoli (I actually like it, but my body hates it… makes me sick), lima beans, tomatoes.

  • W. What makes you run late: the snooze button, my little girls refusing to cooperate and hurry.

  • X. X-rays you’ve had: head, wrist, abdomen, lungs

  • Y. Yummy food you make: cookies, chicken soup, poppy seed chicken casserole, cheesecake

  • Z. Zoo animal favorites: tigers, wolves

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready to POP

I will be 35 weeks this Saturday... countdown to D-day is in full swing. Since I will be having an induction at 39 weeks, I only have 4 weeks left ~ that's about 30 days according to MY plan... of course we all know babies often have their own plans...

My baby has been lying sideways (transverse) for several months now. He's perfectly content to stay that way it seems, so unless he turns head down on his own within the next 2 weeks, we're looking at a "version", which is where my doctor manually tries to turn the baby from the outside. Painful? YES! Worth it to avoid a c-section? Double YES!!!

So the possibility of a c-section is very real this time. I really want to do this MY way, but I realize the most important thing is a healthy baby... and I will do anything for that. If he doesn't turn and/or the version isn't successful, I'll deal with the c-section. But hoping like mad I can give birth to him on my own...

I have an appointment on Monday with my OB. She'll check to see if I have stared to progress yet... hoping for that as well since my induction will go much smoother and quicker if my body has already started to dialate and efface.

Sorry if this is all TMI. It makes me feel better to write it out and deal with it this way. And SO many of my friends and family are also expecting right now, so I know I have a lot of empathy and support from these girls. Hoping all of your pregnancies are also going well. Can't wait until we all start having our babies. ♥

Here is a photo from this past weekend. I'm now classified as ginormous... and I can't see my feet anymore.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You've got a what in there?

So for weeks I've been pretty convinced I'm pregnant with an octopus. This baby is ALL arms and legs, with some elbows and knees thrown in there as well. He kicks, punches, pokes, stretches, and MOVES constantly. Either he's super healthy (and I'm very grateful to be feeling all this healthy movement) or he's the most hyper baby I've ever been pregnant with.

Lately I also have toyed with the idea I'm going to give birth to an elephant. He's getting so heavy and I'm feeling lots more pressure, uh... down there. I feel ginormous.

And the past day or so, I'm fairly sure that he's a pinball machine. Who knew a baby could poke and kick you so hard it looks like your stomach is going to burst open. Sitting in a meeting today, I had to hold my belly with both hands because it was visibly shaking and rolling as I was sitting there.

Since I'm being induced a week before my due date, I'm down to 7 more weeks (that's 49 days if your counting... I know I am). I am very anxious to be done with this whole thing. I'm excited to welcome Ryder into our family and put pregnancy behind me for good! For now... it's seriously ONE day at a time.