Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today's projects

OK, actually these are for the next few days - we'll see if I can get it done by Saturday night.

Project #1: List the rest of my kids's outgrown/unused clothes on eBay. This seems easy enough, but it takes so much time! It's worth it though, I've made almost $300 in the last 3 weeks with things I've sold. Not bad at all.

Project #2:
This one's HUGE. Finish stripping the wallpaper in my family room (this has been on-going since October) and finish painting the family room. ALSO, paint the basement bathroom and the basement hall wall that I already stripped of it's ugly wallpaper last weekend. I'm painting them all the same color (I think), so if I get them ALL ready at the same time, then I can just knock it all out at once. We'll see how close I am by Saturday. I have the next 3 days off, but the problem is I am full-time mommy to my 2 youngest, but terribly sweet girls. They may not let me work as much as I want to. I'll update on my progress Saturday!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Beloved Prophet

I just learned that our sweet prophet, President Gordon B Hinckley passed away tonight. I am so sad to see him go, but can only imagine the joyous reunion he is having with his sweet wife. I love this man so much and am so thankful to have lived during his leadership time of the LDS church. He is truly an inspiration and I just love him so much. Thank you President Hinckley for your faith and hard work - you made such a huge impact in my life. I know the Lord is telling him, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, well done."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our house - The infirmary

So this week really hasn't improved a whole lot. Hallie is still hacking up a storm and Audrey, although she tried to get out of Hallie's way, has caught it with a vengeance. Sad thing it, she's so little, I can't give her any cold medicine. Her little nose just runs and is getting red and sore. Yesterday afternoon I gave her a warm bath. We have a sponge thing she can lay on (or usually sits on so she won't slip-slide all over the tub). She laid on it while I poured warm water over her belly for 20 minutes. I had to add more water to keep it from getting cold. She was so relaxed that her eyes closed and she just kept sighing like it felt so good. She was about asleep - it was so cute.

Later Hallie fell asleep in front of the TV while watching Lion King. She's so congested and was snoring so loud, I had to turn the TV up so Audrey could hear the movie. Then Dallin came home yesterday complaining he didn't feel good either. At least he's older, but he still whines! By the time Scott got home I was so at my limit - I took a 30 minute shower and regrouped so I could face the evening and night. Audrey only woke up 4 times and actually slept from 2am until 7:30 am. I really needed that good stretch of sleep!

I haven't been to work since last week and haven't been out of the house since Monday. I haven't done my hair for 3 days either. Can you say stir crazy!!! I have cleaned up puke, crap and snot that would make even the most stalwart cry like a baby (don't you just want to rush over and visit me?). My house is a disaster. Hopefully this afternoon I can put children down and find some sort of organization to this chaos. These are the times of motherhood that you just hang on for dear life and hope it gets better soon. :)

How I feel...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

12 minutes of church

That's as far as I made it today. I arrived a few minutes late with Kesley & Audrey - Scott had taken a separate car with Dallin & Hallie because I was planning on only attending sacrament and then taking Hallie & Audrey home. Hallie has been coughing and I couldn't send her to nursery being sick. I really didn't think we should have taken her at all, but Scott insisted she was ok - funny thing is, HE wasn't the one who was up with her last night as she had hysterical coughing episodes and a high fever, I was!

As soon as I sat down, Hallie came over and laid her head on me and went into a complete coughing fit - I am shocked (but thankful) she didn't throw up right there. As soon as the sacrament was passed we (Hallie, Audrey and I) high-tailed it out of there. I am sure all the people sitting around us were so glad to see us go!

Since I had dressed them both so cute in their church dresses, I took pictures so at least I felt like all my effort was for something!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott

Today we move on to Scott's Birthday - it will be hard to compare to Hallie's Princess party yesterday, but that's OK. Scott is 35 today. Wow, how did we get that old???

I actually met Scott exactly 20 years ago this month. He had just turned 15 and I was 14. We met in 9th grade. I guess when I say it seems like I've known him forever, I really have, at least in terms of my lifetime.

We don't really have any plans for today. I took breakfast (doughnuts & OJ) to him and the guys at his work this morning. I also included a Disney Happy Birthday balloon - I'm sure he was thrilled. I'd like to go out tonight, but I don't think we will since Scott's been feeling lousy with a cold - maybe we'll just pick up some take-out and watch a movie. I got Hotel Rwanda from netflicks yesterday, so that might be nice to watch together after the kids go to bed.

Anyway, Happy 35th Birthday to my dear husband!!!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Hallie

Today is our little Hallie's 3rd Birthday. SOOOO hard to believe she is already getting so big. We had a family party for her - Princess themed complete with castle cake and Cinderella dress-up dress costume.

Homemade castle cake.
Our family room all decorated for the party
(Hallie is spinning and going nuts in anticipation).
Blowing out the candles.
Birthday gifts... Kitchen and bakers set.
Birthday gifts... Princess bike!

Thank you everyone for making this such a fun birthday for Hallie. She was so tired afterwards, it took less than 5 minutes for her to fall asleep - VERY unusual for her, she usually sneaks out at least 3-4 times.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kids can sleep anywhere

I was at Target today with Hallie and Audrey, and being it was Target, we were there for a long time - I LOVE to wander around that store. We had just finished lunch before we came so Audrey was full and ready for her nap. Soon her little eyes were just too heavy and she was nodding off. Mind you she was belted into the cart and fell asleep sitting up. She slept for more than 20 minutes as we rolled around with Hallie chattering ninety miles an hour behind her in the basket. It was so sweet and I could kick myself for not taking a picture of her with my cell phone.

However over the last 2 weeks I have caught both Hallie and Audrey sleeping in funny places. This one is Audrey asleep in her high chair after eating lunch...

And this one is Hallie alseep on the stairs when my mom was tending her one day...

Maybe we need to put them to bed earlier. NO, they just need to sleep in later - that's another thing, why do kids wake up soooo early all the time? As soon as it's light, my kids are up running around. I can't even think straight yet and they are so wild. Maybe I need thicker curtains in their rooms to block the light. Hmmm....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Review

Today I watched a really great movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness". I know, it's been out for awhile, but I'm a DVD addict, NOT a cinema freak. Anyway, I loved the movie and the messages it reminded me of (everyone needs to remember these from time to time):

  1. No matter what, you should always believe in yourself.

  2. Even when the odds are completely stacked against you, don't give up your dreams/goals.

  3. Never let anyone tell you that you "can't" do something.

  4. Everyone deserves a chance.

What a great uplifting movie (except for one instance of a four letter word - why do they throw that in there?), I give this one an enthusiastic thumb's up!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

My goals (resolutions) for 2008:

  1. Lose 15 pounds. I know I can do this if I just try. I admit I've been lazy, but even being lazy I've lost more than 10 pounds in the last 6 months, so I KNOW I can do it if I really focus and make the effort!
  2. Not yell at my kids as much. I didn't say ever, because let's face it; sometimes they really drive me crazy! But, I really want to keep my cool a lot more than I do and I'm sure they will respond better if I do.
  3. Get caught up on my scrap-booking. I finally have a room devoted just to that purpose - I just need to get it organized and get going!!!
  4. Pray morning and night. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've let this one slide over the past year or so. Not on purpose, it just hasn't been a habit like it should be in my life, so I need to fix that. I also need to read my scriptures more - I know it would really help me, so I just need to DO IT!
  5. Attend the temple at least once a month. After Audrey was born, Scott and I really let this one go too. I'm not sure why since I really like going and it always makes me feel good. At least now that Audrey is older it will be easier to leave her for a few hours.
  6. Keep a clean house. OK, with 4 kids and a husband who DON'T pick up after themselves, this one will be a challenge, but my life seems so much more in sync when I have a clean home.
  7. Go on a family vacation. We'd love to go to Disneyland this fall and I hope we can afford it, but if not, we need to go somewhere. Even if it's just hiking in southern Utah or staying a few days in Lava Hot Springs.
  8. Find Scott a new job. Croft has been great, but let's face it, it's a go nowhere job with no raises and no advancement - and NO insurance. This is a must for '08.
  9. I have several home improvement projects I need to complete and/or get underway. I need to make better use of my time all around, but these need to be a priority for spring before the heat of summer hits and I'm bombarded with yard work! Speaking of yard work, I have even more projects I need to do once that time comes!
  10. And last but not least (I didn't realize this list would be so long when I started) I want to spend more time just enjoying my family. My kids are growing up so fast and I don't want to look back with regrets that I didn't spend enough time enjoying them. We need to go to the park more, read stories more and just hang out more.

    I think this is quite a list to work on, so I'd better get started!