Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ryder!

Ryder turned one on Sunday and since we didn't have any of our other kids this weekend, we decided to take him to the zoo and just spend one on one time with him. Of course Kesley (18) caught wind we were going to the zoo and she wanted to come with her boyfriend too. Fine, but I don't want to hear any screams of protest that you can't ride the train 20 times in a row, m'kay?

On Monday night we had a family party for Ryder complete with barbeque, cupcakes, and smoothies (one of his favorites).  He was thrilled about attacking his little cupcake and destroyed it all over his face.  PERFECT!  And he loves his new toys.  He even figured out opening a gift meant getting a toy inside.  He had as much fun with the paper and tissue as he did with the toy inside.  It was so fun to watch him.


On Tuesday afternoon I took him to the doctor for his one year old check-up.  He got 3 immunization shots AND we found out he has a double ear infection AND his cough is an RSP-type virus (insert mom of the year award here).  Ugh... poor kid.  It was a rough day, but hopefully he'll be feeling better again in no time.  This is him waiting for his shots from the nurse...

1 year old stats...

Weight: 20 pounds exactly (25%)
Height: 13%
Head: 90% LOL
(I always have kids with huge heads... whatever, it's cause they're freaking geniuses I'm sure)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Celebrating 2 years of marriage to my wonderful husband today.  He is seriously one of the BEST things that ever happened to me.  I am So thankful we are sharing this crazy life together.  He's my rock.  SO many things have happened over the last 2 years and SO many more to come... it makes all the difference to have him loving and supporting me through it all.  I am a lucky girl.  Seriously lucky.

I'm dropping off this little beauty to his work today at lunch for a surprise... it was so fun to put together and SO freaking easy.  I love giving gifts that are personalized.  These are all his favorites - oh, fine they are a few of mine too.  Like he can eat all that anyway...

Tonight we are eating at our traditional anniversary restaurant in SLC... Cannella's (this is where we ate the day we got married and also last year when I was freaking ready to pop with Ryder). 

Then going to a late movie.  This weekend is supposed to be warm, so lots of yard work tomorrow - and I love being outside doing yard work, it's VERY satisfying and a HUGE stress relief.  And Ryder turns ONE on Sunday so we're taking him to the zoo.  Can't wait to get this weekend started....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blog Catch Up...

I know, it's been forever since my last post and I'm sure that the 3 people who even read this thing have probably given up and lost interest by now... but just so I have it all documented, this is a quick update of happenings since last summer, followed by a photo dump that kinda corresponds to the update, but I don't have time to individually comment on each one...

June 2011
  • Moved into our new house
  • Had to go back to work after maternity leave
  • Bought a new Honda Pilot - it still isn't big enough for our huge family....
July 2011
  • Spent much of the month unpacking, painting, and spending way too much money on furniture
  • Went to my favorite concert ever... JOURNEY ♥
 August 2011
  • I turned 38... ugh
  • Another summer concert: Sublime and 311.  awesome
  •  Kids started back to school (Kesley ~ senior; Ash ~ 9th; Dallin ~ 6th; Max ~ 5th; Hallie ~ 1st; and Audrey ~ pre-school) 6 kids at FIVE different schools!
September 2011
  • Spent most of the month trying to get into a groove and routine for school.
  • Welcomed a new 6 weeks old kitten into our family.  She's adorable... named her Mocha.
  • Kes turned 18!  EEK!  How am I the mom of an 18 year old!
 October 2011
  • Ryder blessed by his grandpa Black
  • Spence turned 42
  • Halloween! Kes was a nurse, Ash and Max were zombies, Dallin was a master ninja, Hallie and Audrey were fairies, and Ryder was a dinosaur.
November 2011
  • Ash turned 15 and Audrey turned 5.
  • Thanksgiving at Spence's grandpa's, with another feast at our house the following Sunday
  • Black Friday with Spence, Ash and Kes... and Ryder in my baby bjorn carrier. He loved it.  Target crowds were insane, but we got some awesome loot.  :)
  • Spent 3 days in San Fransisco for work while the insane winds of 2011 ripped our roof off and tried to destroy our neighborhood.  Seriously, I could NOT believe all the damage when I came home.  
December 2011
  • Attended various Christmas parties and holiday shopping excursions....
  • We had a wonderful Christmas and loved spending time with our kids.  Santa was SO good to them this year... they were all very happy.
January 2012
  • Happy New Year!
  • Dallin started playing Jr Jazz basketball
  • Hallie turned 7
  • I've been SO busy month at work with reports and grants due...
February 2012
  •  Dallin turns 12 and becomes a deacon.  So proud of him.
  • Happy Valentines - Spence and I usually celebrate this holiday as our official start to our relationship.  It's now been 3 years.  And I am more in love with him every day. 
March 2012
  • Dallin goes on his first Scout campout.  He was SO excited and had a blast.
  • Max turned 11.
  • Took our kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland.  They had NO idea we were leaving until the morning of.  I will post a separate post about this one - with lots of pics.
April 2012 - I'm now up to date.... phew.  That was a fast overview of our super busy lives over the past 9 months.  My baby turns ONE in just 10 days.  That's how fast time has flown.  It's just crazy...

There are MANY more Disney pics to come in my next post (which hopefully won't take another 6 months to get on here)...