Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hallie's Hospital Scare

A week ago today, I had an appointment scheduled with Hallie's pediatrician. After a week of her feeling so lousy and having a weird rash on her torso, her hands started peeling over the weekend, so I called her doctor and they wanted to see her. I also told them my suspicion that her symptoms were very much like Kawasaki Disease (thanks to BIL nurse Eric). So as we are walking into the lobby for our appointment last Monday morning, my cell phone rings... it's the nurse telling me to take my child directly to the ER. Information that would have been helpful 20 minutes ago when we were already in Salt Lake... grrrrrr! So off to Primary Children's we go...
Five hours later, an IV later, Many tears later, and an EKG... Hallie was admitted to the hospital with the suspicion of KD. Later that night... more blood work and an attempt at a strep culture (where she bit my finger). She made me sleep in her hospital bed with her... I was soooo exhausted, I was just happy to lay down. And she was so cute, I would have done it anyways. The next morning it was decided she probably didn't have KD because her fever broke after 4 days and one of her blood tests for a protein they look for was negative. She had every other symptom, but the head neurologist came and talked with us and said her was very confident she didn't have KD. They discharged her later that afternoon.
So what the heck was wrong with her??? Don't know... her doctor thinks it was a bad reaction to a virus she picked up, maybe strep. She is being treated for strep since if it's left untreated, it can lead to rheumatic heart fever later. She is still not fully recovered... her hands are still peeling, but healing (they look so raw), her feet has also started to peel, her skin is SO dry and she still has episodes of red bumpy rash on her bum and inner thighs. She complains her body aches too. It's frustrating, but her Dr still thinks it's from a stubborn virus. Guess I'm going to have to put my trust into their medical expertise.

Is this the happiest kid you've ever seen in the hospital or what? Don't get me wrong, she definitely had her moments of hysteria...

Hallie getting her EKG to make sure her heart was not damaged. It took us 20 minutes to get her to lie on the table. At one point she was kicking at me from one corner of the room.

My sweet little princess... she honestly looked so sweet and innocent sitting in her hospital bed.

AND.... as if staying in the hospital wasn't enough, later that night, we were taking the kids on a walk and Hallie tripped and face-planted on the road. Scraped all down her cute face and two swollen lips. Maybe I need to put her in a bubble.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

Just week ago, Spencer and I got home from a fabulous vacation in Mexico, yeah I know - swine flu... Don't freak out (my mom already took care of that for everyone), we are fine - no illness here. We had a great time... the beach was amazing and the weather so beautiful. The town of Puerto Vallarta was fun to explore... we went to the flea market and walked along the boardwalk along the beach. It was so hard to come home and go back to the routine of work... wish we were still on the beach (((sigh))).

First night in Mexico

Beautiful beach view from our window

Soaking up the sun on the beach
All smiles after Spence went parasailing

Day we went home - but we'll be back!