Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ryder!

Ryder turned one on Sunday and since we didn't have any of our other kids this weekend, we decided to take him to the zoo and just spend one on one time with him. Of course Kesley (18) caught wind we were going to the zoo and she wanted to come with her boyfriend too. Fine, but I don't want to hear any screams of protest that you can't ride the train 20 times in a row, m'kay?

On Monday night we had a family party for Ryder complete with barbeque, cupcakes, and smoothies (one of his favorites).  He was thrilled about attacking his little cupcake and destroyed it all over his face.  PERFECT!  And he loves his new toys.  He even figured out opening a gift meant getting a toy inside.  He had as much fun with the paper and tissue as he did with the toy inside.  It was so fun to watch him.


On Tuesday afternoon I took him to the doctor for his one year old check-up.  He got 3 immunization shots AND we found out he has a double ear infection AND his cough is an RSP-type virus (insert mom of the year award here).  Ugh... poor kid.  It was a rough day, but hopefully he'll be feeling better again in no time.  This is him waiting for his shots from the nurse...

1 year old stats...

Weight: 20 pounds exactly (25%)
Height: 13%
Head: 90% LOL
(I always have kids with huge heads... whatever, it's cause they're freaking geniuses I'm sure)

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